Marcin Ptaszek
asked 11 years ago

Hi, I wanted to start using DW Q&A plugin, but I have a problem in my template. I do not know how to move the sidebar to be on the right side, not the bottom. Can somebody help me?

2 Answers
Kido D
answered 11 years ago

Hi Marcin,
To resolve this issue, please add the following code below to the stylesheet file of your theme:

@media (max-width: 767px) {
#single-question {width: 100%;float: none;}
.dwqa-sidebar {width: 100%;float: none;margin-top: 30px;}
#single-question {width: 66.66%;float: left;background: #fff;}

Also, since DW Q&A plugin is using the body classes for style, so please check the header file of your theme, and add the body_class() function to <body> element:

<body <?php body_class(); ?>>


Hope that helps!

SovMint Ru
replied 10 years ago

Hi Kido,
I did as you said. But nothing was changed.
Could you please help me with it?

Marcin Ptaszek
answered 11 years ago

Thank you so much! Everything works fine! 🙂

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