Deborah Buck
asked 9 years ago
When you click on my test question, it comes up with a 404 error page. I did some searching in the Q&A, and found a suggestion to publish a “DWQA Answers” page and update my DWQA settings. So, I created a blank page titled DWQA Answers, and published it. I couldn’t find anywhere that it needed to have content. I also cannot find anywhere in the DWQA settings to select this page for the Question / Answers page. I’m also having a hard time finding any setup documentation. Help!
Sidebar: I did add some question categories, and quickly discovered that I needed to make the slugs unique – I chose to do with a “-qa” on the end of each slug.

3 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Hi, Don’t worry, that isn’t bug.
Simply go to your Dashboard > Settings > Permalink, just click on Save Changes button, it will update your permalink settings and remove 404 error in DWQA page

zhe yan
replied 8 years ago

thanks, It works for my blog

How can i no-follow the questions?

answered 8 years ago

If you want to Unfollow the question, You only possible open your question then click the “Following” button and change from Following to UnFollow.
See the screenshot:
Or, you can remove this function, please let me know if you want to remove this function from DW Q&A plugin.

answered 5 years ago

Hi, I had a similar problem, but we make a simple redirect and everything works fine. However, what about those old links? Search console shows us lots of 404, and I’m wondering if this might cause a potential SEO problem? As I’ve checked, the links are already listed in the serps. Do you think that it will make a damage to our SEO?

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