Deborah Buck
asked 10 years ago
When you click on my test question, it comes up with a 404 error page. I did some searching in the Q&A, and found a suggestion to publish a “DWQA Answers” page and update my DWQA settings. So, I created a blank page titled DWQA Answers, and published it. I couldn’t find anywhere that it needed to have content. I also cannot find anywhere in the DWQA settings to select this page for the Question / Answers page. I’m also having a hard time finding any setup documentation. Help!
Sidebar: I did add some question categories, and quickly discovered that I needed to make the slugs unique – I chose to do with a “-qa” on the end of each slug.

3 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi, Don’t worry, that isn’t bug.
Simply go to your Dashboard > Settings > Permalink, just click on Save Changes button, it will update your permalink settings and remove 404 error in DWQA page

zhe yan
replied 10 years ago

thanks, It works for my blog

How can i no-follow the questions?

answered 10 years ago

If you want to Unfollow the question, You only possible open your question then click the “Following” button and change from Following to UnFollow.
See the screenshot:
Or, you can remove this function, please let me know if you want to remove this function from DW Q&A plugin.

answered 7 years ago

Hi, I had a similar problem, but we make a simple redirect and everything works fine. However, what about those old links? Search console shows us lots of 404, and I’m wondering if this might cause a potential SEO problem? As I’ve checked, the links are already listed in the serps. Do you think that it will make a damage to our SEO?

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