Webb Ninjah
asked 9 years ago

If I click to upvote or downvote and change my mind, I can’t undo my vote. For example if the vote count is 0 and I upvote it to +1, if I try to remove my vote so that it is back to 0 by pressing the downvote button, the vote goes to -1. I propose that pressing the downvote button should decrement the vote by 1. Pressing it again should actually downvote and vice versa for upvote. Or after upvoting clicking the upvote again could undo it. Like stack exchange

2 Answers
B Ruffridge
answered 9 years ago

I also needed this functionality on a project I was working on. I took the liberty of forking the github project, applying my changes to implement this feature, and issued a pull request

answered 9 years ago

Hi @bruffridge !
Awesome, Thank you so much for you help. It is greatly appreciated.Cheers

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