Jonté Burke
asked 10 years ago

Hey guys,
I’m really loving this theme. However, it’s missing certain features / functionalities that I was wonder if and when would they be implemented.
Features / functionalities I’m looking for are (listed in order of importance):
Sticky Header 
Google Analytics
Google Adsense support for advertisement blocks on pages
Rating System
Author Social links and or detailed profile page
bbPress or buddyPress support
Visual Composer or Alternative support
WooCommerce Support


1 Answers
Jackie Lord
answered 10 years ago

The features that you mentioned are very reasonable and useful. There are my answers for each feature:
1. Sticky Header:
Very simple to develop this feature, We just need to provide you a custom CSS code to implement this. However, to serve you better, please let us know exactly which items you want to have for the sticky header.
2. Google Analytics:
Just paste the Google Analytics codes into the Custom Footer Code from Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize. Also, you can install the following plugin:
3. Google Adsense support for advertisement blocks on pages:
Copy/Paste the Google Adsense codes into the Text widgets of the theme.
4. Rating System:
Please install the plugin below for this feature:
5. Author Social links and or detailed profile page:
You can put the Social Links into the author description as on our Demo site:
6. bbPress or buddyPress support
Currently, our theme doesn’t support these two plugins yet. However, they are suitable with the theme, we will consider and make decision later.
7. Visual Composer or Alternative support
The features on the Homepage as you saw have been built by Widgets. As I know, many Page Builder plugins will support the sections that have form as the Widget. Therefore, DW Focus will be fully compatible with these plugin.
8. WooCommerce:
This plugin is not suitable with the News/Magazine theme like the DW Focus. Therefore, we don’t integrate it with our theme. We have a theme named DW Trendy with similar design to the DW Focus and also have WooCommerce plugin. Please check here for more info: The DW Trendy theme is made for only WooCommerce plugin and fully suitable for the e-commerce website.

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