Dom Amor
asked 10 years ago

I just wanted to take the time and tell you guys. This plugin rocked before the latest but now it really rocks. One update and WOW. Very very sweet. Now just make it so we can use our sidebar and upload images and you guys are finished with this. Well my option anyway. Thanks again for great support and great plugin.  

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Dom,
Glad to receive your good feedback on our plugin (maybe you can drop us a review on
We have released the updated version 1.1.0 in by the way (will soon announce this release on our site).
In this version we no longer support the sidebar as the default. We will have a short guide to make a sidebar work if you want. We will consider to add the sidebar as an option in next updated version. For now, please enjoy the latest version of the plugin.
Thanks again for your kind support 🙂

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