leon peeters
asked 10 years ago

I like my URL to be red without underline.
But when the mouse hover above the link i like a red underlined URL.
Therefor i’ve change: Custom wp_head() code:
a {
color: #EE3224;
How can i add the hover underline setting?
Thanks for all the help

2 Answers
Mirek Kroupa
answered 10 years ago

In style.css file find and delete !important
a {
outline: none!important;
text-decoration: none!important;
Maybe someone advise how to do this using Custom wp_head () code without interfering with the style.css

answered 10 years ago

Hello Leon ! 
You can try code as Mirek suggested, or you can try this one (add to the Custom wp_head ();

a:hover {
   color: #EE3224;
  text-decoration: underline !important;

Hope this helps !

Mirek Kroupa
replied 10 years ago

As a simple 🙂

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