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Hi, guys,

I have a client who wants to build a social wall to allow people to post.

I’m using WallPress which has a lot of features we like, but I know you offer DW Wall, as a premium theme. What advantages does Wall have over WallPress?


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answered 10 years ago

Hi !

Both themes are the same in functions. The difference is in what you will get from each theme.
WallPress is our free theme, and the download package includes only 1 theme.
Meanwhile, DW Wall is our premium themes, and the download package will include:

– Quickstart Package: you can use this package to install a site look like our demo. It includes all the demo content (except for the images due to copyright policy)

– 1 Base theme WallPress plus 3 different Child Themes
– 6 months support and theme upgrades

Hope this is clear for you!

replied 10 years ago

Thanks Dominic. This sounds great. The support and upgrades will be useful. Is support offered beyond the six months?

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

Hi ! we will support you,, if you need solve problems

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