Lucas Kiot
asked 9 years ago

Please tell me what is the difference between those two themes DWwall and free one WallPress?
Kind Regards

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

What is the real difference between DW Wall i just buy and the free theme WallPress:
If you buy DW Wal themel, you will have:

  • 4 design styles (WallPress, WallChristmas, WallPin, WallDark)
  • Mobile ready with responsive design
  • E-commerce ready with pre-installed JIGSHOP plugin
  • Content aggregation ready with pre-installed Social Feed plugin
  • WordPress customizer ready
  • Quickstart package (preset of content and all required plugins and files)
  • 6 months support

If you take free Wallpress theme, you just have one Wallpress theme.
Hope this helps !

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