Nikitha Dandu
asked 8 years ago

Want to know when can we except to see the user contributions points/credits and expert page that we see on this website now ? I want to make a website which has all these features, so want to know if I buy the DW Simplex theme now, will i get these features later when you add them, or do I need to pay for them again later(if you are planning to add them a premium features) ?

3 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Dear Nikitha, very good question. Today the DWQA version 1.2.1 was released, but not all the functionality that we see on this website is added, so I suppose the admins can shed some light on it please!

Nico Pagel
answered 8 years ago

Btw you should consider to add the functionalty that the points of deleted answers and comments will be reduced, what isn’t the fact in your points version on (=

Jackie Lord
answered 8 years ago

Hi guys,
Sorry for the late reply!
At the moment we are still testing the point system using MyCred on 
We will soon deliver this feature as a premium add-on/ plugin for the core Question and Answer 🙂 Let me know your opinion about this.

Pieter Le Roux
replied 8 years ago

I’m wondering what will make it “premium”. What features can we expect? Something like Stackoverflow’s?

Nikitha Dandu
replied 8 years ago

Once you deliver the premium plugin, is it possible to update from the Free to Premium, without much effort in transferring the data and the users ?

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