Russian Roulette
asked 8 years ago

Hi !
I do not remember kaknazyvaetsya ) black button on the left of the main menu that displays multiple recent posts and number ( number of posts ) and when you open these positions.
I do not understand how it happened , but suddenly now drew attention to the fact that this button is gone , it is gone.
I’m not a great expert in all of this , so sprashivayu.Podskazhite on and advise. What possible reason as Revert this button .. and generally where to look for it (what is correct) it is subject LW Focus ?
I hope for your help and advice , rather than sanctions … 😉

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Hello Russian !

Please tell me more detail about this issue.  The screenshots & your site for further checking will be better for me to assist you.

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