John Doe
asked 10 years ago

I have some questions about your Focus theme. In short, I’m wondering how well it will work with magazines that don’t feature a lot of visual content. In particular:
– How do your homepage widgets work with content that is text only and does not have a featured picture or video?
– Will such posts work with the slideshow, featured category widgets, and so on?
– How will these widgets handle posts when some have featured images and some do not?
We like the theme a lot, but most of our posts do not have featured pictures. We’d still like to be able to display them nicely on the homepage with widgets for recent posts in certain categories, etc. Would your theme work well for us, and are there any examples of sites using your theme that fit that description?
Many thanks!

1 Answers
Jackie Lord
answered 10 years ago

Our Homepage is built by the Widgets with full configurations. If you don’t want to display the Featured Images of Video, just go to the Widget Setting to turn it off. This is the same with the posts on the Sidebar.
Which plugin are you using to set the slideshow section? Please let us know for further checking.
Hope this helps!

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