A Hopeful Doc
asked 9 years ago

There is a thin, vertical grey line that appears on the left hand side of the screen of my website about 90% of the time. When this occurs, the buttons/links everything becomes frozen/static. For a few weeks, a horizontal grey line existed where everything above that line was frozen, everything below functional. Now everything seems to be static.
I changed from Jetpack 2.5 to 2.6. I have deactivated everything in order to find that Jetpack is involved. Default themes don’t have trouble but my DW minion theme does. I contacted my host/server but they told me it was a WordPress-theme conflict! I have tried to change the functions.php of my site to allow Jetpack access but that didn’t help! I also installed manual control over jetpack, deactivating portions that I don’t use, but that hasn’t helped. I do not have photon enabled either. Thanks! Sincerely, A Hopeful Doc

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Hi there,
I think the issue was caused by iFrame from Google plus in the DW Minion. To resolve this issue. Please log in to Dashboard > Theme >  Customize > Custom Code  then add the following code to the “Header Code”

iframe[id^="oauth2relay"] {
     position: fixed !important;

Please try and let me know the result. If you still face the same issue, please send me a private question with your site URL and admin account for further checking.

A Hopeful Doc
replied 9 years ago

Worked well, thanks!

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