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Creating and Editing Pages In WordPress


Creating and Editing Pages In WordPress

Creating and Editing Pages of WordPress is a breeze if you understand when is an appropriate time to use Pages vs Posts. We’re going to explain to you what the differences between a WordPress Post and WordPress Page is so that you can figure out what constitutes a page and what doesn’t.

Pages should be used for static content

This means content that won’t change from over different parts of the year or over time should be considered as a page, more often than not.

Examples of this might include your:

  • About Us,
  • Contact Us,
  • Team,
  • Privacy Policy,
  • Refund Policy,
  • Terms of Use,

There are others but this is just the most common that you’re probably familiar with.

Pages shouldn’t be ordered chronologically the way that Posts are.

Pages also shouldn’t be assigned to categories or tags, however they can have hierarchy because sometimes some pages make sense to have children pages. Think of an “About Us” page being the parent to a child “Team” page.

Generally speaking, if you can nest content underneath another piece of content within your navigation bar this might be a good candidate for a Page on your WordPress site.

Pages also have display widgets so that they can appear on the sidebar or in the footer of your WordPress site as well. Although this isn’t an absolute rule and it also depends on how you would like to have your WordPress site styled, and whether or not your theme supports, or you have the appropriate plugins to allow this functionality.

It all really just depends on what you want your site to look like.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

so it’s up to you to decide and to design the layout of your site so that users can quickly navigate and find the content which they’re searching for.


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