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Customizing WordPress Themes


Customizing WordPress Themes

Here we’re going to give you a quick guide to Customizing WordPress Themes.

If you’re anything like us, the first time you tried to customize your WordPress theme it seemed daunting.

However we’re here to help you Learn WordPress so don’t worry.

WordPress gives you many options on how to customize your theme. You’ve just got to get a walkthrough to how to do it and where to look for the options which you’re seeking.

You can use different things to customize WordPress such as the Admin Dashboard or the Customizer tool.

Both of them will give you more or less the same thing. You can also do other things such as open the source files and edit them directly but that’s an entirely different conversation altogether.

Using the customizer tool allows you to change the look and feel of your WordPress theme very easily to match your style. Features that it might allow you to change are color, font, images, and screen layout, among others.

Certain features may or may not be available depending on the theme you choose.

What it boils down to is you need to read your themes documentation to learn whether or not it supports the features you’re searching for within a theme.

After you’ve selected a theme it’s simply a matter of going through the theme and choosing the correct content and configurations that you want 0n your website.

Here we’ve put together a video to allow you to see what we man .

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