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Post Formats of WordPress


Post Formats of WordPress explained.

Post Formats of WordPress can come in many different styles. Depending on what you want your post to be able there are several ways in which you can style and format your post in order to present your content professionally and amazingly.

I think we can all agree that the way things are presented to the view matters.

Here you can find information on what the different formats of the post option is. There is Standard, Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, Gallery Status, Audio, and Chat.

These varying types of post formats come with a varying degree of customization depending on whether or not your theme supports it. Themes also come with varying degrees of customization developed into them depending on the company that developed the theme. It all simply depends on the theme really.

Developers of themes will also add varying functionality as requested by users. In other words, if you’ve purchased a theme and it doesn’t have the functionality you would like to see, all you have to do is ask and the developers can probably add it.

If you’ve purchased a theme here at DesignWall and would like to get in touch with us about adding some features then you can easily contact us here.

Developers such as us here at DesignWall understand how to use WordPress and often fail to see some basic things because we simply know how to get the same thing done via code or more “advanced” methods. It’s hard to look outside of a box when you’ve been inside it so long.

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