DW Q&A Assign Ticket

DW Q&A Assign Ticket is a tool built for site admins to help them organize their tasks collaboratively with other moderators.

Here we’ve put together a simple synopsis of DW’s Q&A Assign Ticket most
Notable Features.

It allows you to quickly and easily assign unresolved tickets to other admins and moderators with permissions.

In the “My Ticket” section, the extension lists the tickets that have been assigned to each user.

An email notification is sent to a user when a ticket is assigned to him/her. The ticket will also be marked as assigned in the ticket window, as well as the main ticket interface.

Incorporates WP’s convention of simplicity. The User interface is intuitive and responsive allowing you to do just about whatever you can think of quickly and easily.

With over 10,000 support tickets answered, DesignWall has the history and expertise to make sure your experience with this plugin is exceptional.

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