The latest and updated version of WordPress (version 4.6) is now available. It is loaded with amazing features for its users. In case you do not know how to make the WordPress download to be more useful, we suggest you sign up with our web host partners. You will have the benefit of having a one-touch click installation of WordPress.

Carefully go through these instructions if you want to perform a new installation operating the latest version of WordPress.

Step 1. Download the Installation of WordPress Package

Firstly, to begin with, the process of installation, you need to ensure that WordPress is being downloaded from their official website page . We suggest that you download the most recent WordPress version.

Once the download button is clicked, the latest version of WordPress, the package of installation is saved on the hard disk. Locate and extract the new downloaded package into your own chosen folder.

How to download wordpress

Step 2. Upload the files of WordPress into your own server

At this moment, you have to ensure that the extracted folders and files are being downloaded to the server of your web. The simplest means to upload the installed files is through FTP.

NOTE: In case you need to make your own WordPress, your major account installation in order to access it via your primary domain (, then you have to upload those files you extracted to the public_html folder.

After the download, extract the file and move it to your account of web hosting account via uploading. You can easily do this by using an FTP client app like cPanel or Filezilla. If your desire is to make the installation of WordPress be essential for your site, then the files must be accommodated in the account folder for public_html. Also, a subfolder can be created, if you desire to run your WordPress website partly.

Using FileZilla

Using FileZilla is so simple. Just click and draw your file to where you want to keep/run in your server

Step 3. Creating of MySQL data for WordPress usage

At this moment, the creation of a database for MySQL is necessary. And after that, you will be permitted to assign users to it. (research and get more information on this). After creating the database for MySQL and its user, be sure to write the name of the database, its username, password for the database you created. You will be required to provide them during the process of installation.

Step 4. Going through the process of installation

It is now time to search through your website to begin the process of installation. If  WordPress has been uploaded in your directory of public_html, then visit with your browser. Firstly, you will be notified with a message showing that you do not have a file of WP-config.php and you have to create one by clicking on the button” Create a configuration file” to continue.

On the next page, a message will be sent to you, demanding for your preparation of the information needed for installation. Since the information has been made available, just continue by pressing the Go button.

Fill in the required information of your MySQL database start-ups and click the Send button

WordPress  will cross-check your settings whether it is correct. If all the required details have been entered, a confirmation screen will appear. Then click on the button “Run the Install” to continue.

You will be taken to the next screen, there you will need to fill in the required details about the username of your administrative and your new website title. Also, you may need to specify whether you want your site to be indexed by the search engines. Once the information is completed, click on the button “Install WordPress “. Note that the specification of your original email address is necessary. It will be needed if your password is forgotten.

Filling your information

That is all! The installation of the latest WordPress app is completed. You can make use of the Login button for the accessing of the administrative base. Begin to enjoy the latest and updated WordPress 4.6 by posting to your website.

Join our users globally, in enjoying the latest and updated WordPress 4.6. There are so many wonderful packages meant for you. Carefully fall above the above listed instructions in order to download and install the latest WordPress 4.6. Let the fun continues.

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