asked 4 years ago

Two different notifications areas is confusing for users. Are the Buddypress notifications integrated in the DW notifications plugin? If not is there any plans to integrate it? If not how can I contribute to help this integration be developed (donation?)?

1 Answers
answered 4 years ago

At the moment, the DW Notification can not integrate with the BuddyPress plugin.
If you are using the BuddyPress, you can deactivate the Dw Notification plugin. The BuddyPress notification still gets the notification from the DW Q&A plugin.

replied 4 years ago

I am using Buddyboss ( which is a frock of Buddypress ) I am using free version of dwqa for testing
I ll buy the premium one after testing.
The problem is my buddyboss users don`t get the DWQA notifications.
Can i do this the coding skill or by others.
If is by coding then i can do that . Just tell me how.
Please answer.

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