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I just bought DW Modern OnePage Responsive Theme on Creative Market and I wanted to increase the height of the navigation bar so I can place my logo properly.

Currently the logo gets cut (vtemuedra.com) and it seems like I can’t change it from what I’ve been trying. I’ve looked in the style documents, in the .less files and so on, but I’ve been uncapable of changig a thing so it fits my logo.

Might I have any help?

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answered 11 years ago

Hi !

Thank you for choosing our product.

you can see  used  our guide:  http://demo.designwall.com/dw-page/document/

if you want to increase the height, you open file template.css / line 9:

.navbar .brand {

height: 59px;


If want to change logo, you open file style.css/ line 145:

.navbar .brand {

background-image: url(“assets/img/logo.png”);


you just need change title file image for “logo.png”



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