Carl Middleton
asked 10 years ago

Can I change the theme filename and directory? I followed all of your instructions for installation, and my subsequent admin login URL is I would prefer the theme to live in the /themes folder, and be an option along with other installed themes at the original admin login URL of I changed the name of the theme folder to dw_focus, and attempted to login at as a test, and the login no longer worked. So I changed it back, which works, but the structure is messy, and I cannot switch between themes easily this way.
Thank you. 

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hello Carl !
You can search many blogs on how to change theme directory on the internet. And we would love to share you a link that we highly appreciate: Please try the instruction and let us know the result. If you still face the issue, please contact us.
Hope this helps !

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