Jim Wayne
asked 8 years ago

Hello! I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to edit the product hover state in the DW Brickstore theme. I’d like to replace the cart/view icons with a unique rollover image for each of my products. I imagine there is a JS file I need to get into in order to manipulate that code, but having trouble finding it. Thanks in advance for the help!

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1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

To change the icons you can open the add-to-cart.php and quickview.php file and find the <i class="ion-android-cart"> and <i class="ion-ios-eye"> then change with your class icon.

Note: In this case you need use the icon from http://fontawesome.io/icons/ site.

If you want to use the icon that you have designed, you can let me know the icon size, and username & password, I will help you resolve it with few code line.

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