asked 11 years ago


When creating a child theme for Focus – do I point to the template.css file?  Also, do I have to do anything with the style.css and responsive.css?


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Jackie Lord
answered 11 years ago

Hi Brooks,
We have already loaded the file template.css and responsive.css at line 141 and 142 on the file functions.php of DW Focus theme (via dw_focus_scripts function), that’s why you don’t need to load them again on Child theme.
The file style.css is used to contain all the theme information.
In order to create a child theme, you need to create a new folder in wp-content/themes/ then create a new style.css file with all the information following WordPress instruction:
Hope this helps!

replied 11 years ago

Okay, I’m still a little confused. Do I still need this in the child theme’s style.css?anything in the style.css of the child theme?

replied 11 years ago

Oops, ignore the comment above. I accidentally hit the Enter key while I was typing. Okay, so my question is: do I need to include the “@import url…” code in the child theme’s style.css?

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