asked 11 years ago

How can I create a segment in the DW Page (Modern) – one page wordpress theme like the example page (blurry picture + text) saying “Simplicity isn’t simple”?

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answered 11 years ago

Hi Tobias,
To have a background, you should add some extra class for the Home section. To do that, go to the menus setting, select section you want to edit, and add this : hidden-title header style-1 to CSS Classes field:

But if you haven’t try our quickstart installation, please give it a shot. It’s quite easy to setup a site exactly like our demo.
Please let me know if you have any questions with our one page wordpress theme, or if any issues arise regarding the theme.

Best Regards,
Terry Strong

answered 11 years ago

Thank you Terry. That was indeed helpful. Once I also activated the Custom CSS Classes in the viewing options I managed to find it and have the picture behind the text.

The quick start installation is a nice thought, however, I had to get going quickly with the project and was actually hoping for a proper documentation with the theme instead of just “seeing how you did it” and then “reverse engineer” it. As far as I understand you are working on a documentation that is exhaustive and extensive. Looking forward to reading it.

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