Shaw Ahon
asked 9 years ago

One of my sub category is over 20 items, so it make the dropdown menu really long and over the window view. It cause user can not see the some sub categories because menu is too long. How do I resolve it? or Can I make a “2”columns menu so that it will not too long?
Ahon Shaw

2 Answers
Kido D
answered 9 years ago

Hi Ahon,
Please send us your site URL so we can have a look at it. 
Btw, the theme is not support for 2 columns sub-menu yet.

Shaw Ahon
replied 9 years ago

Hi Kido,

Here is my site url…

Kido D
answered 9 years ago

I’m afraid we can’t help you in this case, we do not have a feature for 2 columns sub-menu, however it is something we are looking into for a later update. For now, I can only recommend you to split that menu into 2 or 3 menus.
Cheers, my friend!

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