ckubs george
asked 8 years ago

SW Focus was a nice theme from the beggining, DW store was left behind for a while and didn’t made a purchase and now I see you made an update.

Featurted posts from the dropdown menu’s( mega menu like), and the options to change theme font and primary color are gone?

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answered 8 years ago

At the moment, we have removed some section in the latest version as the Mega Menu like, articles in the category dropdowns and Style Selector. We will discuss and approve it in the next version. However, you can tell me detail about the position that you want to change color/ font. We will help you resolve it.

replied 8 years ago

I know how and where to add my changes for the colours and font, but, it would be nice to bring those settings back somehow. Also, I don’t find the new mobile menu as good as the old mobile menu because of the hover dropdowns. The old solution with dropdown on click was better. I see also that with the retirement of the old category widget is also gone the option to have a news block with 3 category columns.
Finally, I don’t see anywhere documentation about how to add featured videos or featured galleries as in your demo … and you should implement schema (.) org microdata.

With those fixed this theme will be awesome again.

dominic Staff
replied 8 years ago

Issue1: About the menu issue in the mobile device, you can add the following code to the style.css file:

We are developing a new mega menu and approve the menu for the DW Focus in the next version. We will release as soon as possible.

Issue2: We will discuss and approve the color & font option in the next version.

Issue3: At this point, we do not have any document of the latest version. We are finishing materials for DW Focus 1.2.2 and we will release as soon as possible.

Issue4: If you want to make 3 categories columns, you can use the DW:Column widget then Drag & Drop the DW Focus:News Grid widget into DW:Column widget.
See the screenshot:

Issue5: Some change about Widget in the latest version:

  • For Popular News, Featured News, News Carousel you can use new widget: DW Focus: News Grid instead.
  • For News Carousel, you can use new widget: DW Focus: News List instead.
  • For Headlines, you can use new widget: DW Focus: News Ticker instead.
  • For News Category, you can use new widget: DW Focus: News List instead

Hope this helps !

replied 8 years ago

Ok thank you. 🙂

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