Michael Mann
asked 9 years ago

Hey there, one more question. I’d like to change the project data titles. Right now they’re:

Project Url/Launch Project

Client Name/Client

Project Date/Date

and Skills


I was wondering how I could swap new ones in and lose the little icons. Thanks so much

2 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Hi Michael,
You can fix the language for projects section on the file <dw-page>/inc/shortcodes.php – line 377 and <dw-page>/functions.php – line 457.



replied 8 years ago

Sorry for such a nooby questions:
1. can you assist me on how to remove some of the project data titles?
I just need “client” and “skill”
tried to remove the others from “short codes.php”, didn’t help, when opened the “function.php from appearance/editor i just found:
“” this line.

If I am leaving the “project url” blank, it does not appears, which is good, but the “project date” appears even though I am leave it blank in project data.
Can you help me that?

Thank you in advance.

answered 8 years ago

Hi Phonecuts,
To remove the project data titles, please open up the file “<your-theme-folder>/dw-page/inc/framework.php”, delete line 404 and 405 for “Date” field and delete line 408 and 409 to remove “Project Url”.

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