asked 8 years ago

I discovered that DW Question Answer – Embed Question is conflicting with an existing review plugin on my website. It is causing that plugin and its widgets to have empty p tags (e.g. <p></p> added inside their contents thereby affecting the page and widgets display and even causing the sidebar to drop under the main content area.
Please how can I resolve this conflict and stop this from happening?

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answered 8 years ago

well you can try open file : dwqa-embed-questions.php , the function : filter_content()
it’s return autop in the content,
try to only

 return do_shortcode($content );
replied 8 years ago

Thanks but this do not work. But I think the problem is around here because when I comment out the line completely, the conflict stop but I guess this will break the DW Question Answer – Embed Question plugin itself. Any idea?

replied 8 years ago

yes, you can’t comment that line … well that’s the function that filter or create the embed, the function there also effect all the content in the question so that might affect other component, you can send me your size and i’ll check it.

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