Steve Fronek
asked 10 years ago

See this page:
The “Sale” box in the upper left corner is not suppose to be a box. It’s not getting cropped into a triangle for some reason. I checked on FF, Chrome and Explorer. Any ideas why?

Lori Radcliffe
replied 10 years ago

Don’t expect a reply. I’ve not received one yet. I ordered the DW Gamez and the zip file won’t upload correctly because of some coding error on DW’s end. Good luck with your problems.

2 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hello Steve !
Your problem is caused by CSS bugs. To resolve the issue in the Single product of your site, you need to add the following code to the Header Code: (Dashboard > Customize > Custom Code)

.product {
    padding: 0 10px;
    overflow: hidden;

Hope this helps !

Steve Fronek
replied 10 years ago

Thanks Dominic, that got it. By the way… love the theme!

answered 10 years ago

Hello Lori !
Apologize for the delay in replying to you.
I think you have used the Quickstart package to update via the Dashboard, you can only use the theme package to upload.
Please download the in your profile and upload to Dashboard.
If you still face the issue, you can ask a private question and provide username & password of your site, we will help you install the WordPress theme.


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