Bourquin Stéphane
asked 4 years ago

if there were notifications by categories.

Just consider my request cos’ I ‘ve seen this request many times on the forum. 😉


1 Answers
answered 4 years ago

Thank for your interest in our product. I have sent and notified to our technical team about this feature. However, I can not find other requests or questions about this feature from you, you can let me know detail about this feature.

replied 4 years ago

Hi … sorry, not from my part … but from others customers. But tell me, is there something like an API, or something like that, to script this kind of possibilty in your DWQA plugin ?
thx a lot …

May be a second question : is DWQA a dead project ? … cos I’ve not seen any kind of upgraded version during 6 mounths.
I really think you have the perfect tool with DWQA … it is normal for me to ask the perfect plugin … 🙂

thx Dominic

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