Abdullah Jafar
asked 8 years ago

Hey guys,
Based on your support during this week, I would like to take a further step with DWQA plugin and add the following customizations to replace DWQA add on which does not support DWQA Pro version!
Following is the request:

  • Make a custom category visible only to website students “with monthly/annually subscription to our product”.
  • Limit the access of those categories after student’s subscription got expired.
  • Questions with such category will be hidden from public “Unsubscribes”

That is for now, we can discuss more to achieve this customization.
I would be happy to hear from you and get a quotation for this ASAP.

1 Answers
Abdullah Jafar
answered 8 years ago

The job has been done very professionally, thanks Anna for your support and many thanks to Allen for his outstanding work. ?

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