Autif Kamal
asked 11 months ago

I have a fake store that I need help with. I have a basic WooCommerce store setup. This store sells prosthetics. A customer may purchase one of four base units: Left arm, right arm, left leg, or right leg. All four limbs share the attributes of Materials and Actuation. The left and right arms have the additional attribute of hand type.
For materials, the possible attribute values are Thermoplastic, Latex, Zirconium Dioxide, and Porcelain. For actuation, the possible attribute values are joint, stiff and implant. Lastly, for hand type, the possible attribute values are body powered, myoelectric, passive functional, hybrid, or adaptive.
Every possible product variation is available in the store, has a price, and a SKU. You can search for any product variation via the SKU BUT, when you search via the SKU, WooCommerce does not automatically have the values associated with the SKU already selected for each attribute. So, if my SKU is right-leg-thermoplastic-joint, each of those values should be already selected in the respective drop downs, but they’re still untouched.
So, I want to know how to make the default values of the attributes match the SKU when that’s how a product is searched for. Please help. Thanks.

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