Gary Jesse
asked 8 years ago

Due to a previous compatibility issue with DW Tabs I had to remove the Jetpack plugin from my DW Focus site. I would like to makes changes to the style sheet but everything I found in the questions references using the Jetpack editor.

How do I make changes to the style sheet to be able to change the DW Tab color as well as the font size for the page headers?

Thanks for your help!

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

You can add your code to the style.css file Or If you using the latest version of the DW Focus theme, you can add your code to the DW Focus tabs > General Settings > Custom Code area.

replied 8 years ago

I am using version 1.2.7 – is this the current version? I just bought this last week so I’m assuming this is the current version however I do not have the General Settings > Custom Code area you describe. How do I get the latest version? If I am on the latest version then why don’t I see this option? Thanks!

dominic Staff
replied 8 years ago

Yes, you need to install the Options Framework plugin that DW Focus theme recommends when you activate theme.
Or you can add your code to the dw-focus/style.css file

replied 8 years ago

That’s odd because I already have that plugin activated. Could you provide a screen shot of where you’re referencing as I must not be looking in the right place then. Thanks!

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