asked 10 years ago

Dear Sir or Madam;
I am interested to buy DW-Focus theme, just I have a question which I couldn’t find in Q&A also in Terms.
Is there any encrypted code in this theme?
this is very important for me.
best regards.

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answered 10 years ago

Hi Hosseingrad !
Our DW Focus theme does not include any encrypted code.

replied 10 years ago

I found one of Jquery scripts which has included with encrypted text.
That is: { jquery.infinitescroll.min.js }

Is there any differences with the original source { uploaded at: http://www.jquery.com } ?

sorry! we are worry about encrypting codes in sources.

answered 10 years ago

Hi Hoseingrad,

– Jquery.infinitescroll.min.js to file is not an encrypted file but a minify file. You can learn more about minify at the following link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minification_(programming).
– Jquery.infinitescroll.min.js is a program written by the jquery. You can learn more about the infinite-scroll at the following link: http://www.infinite-scroll.com/
Hope this helps.    

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