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Quoted from the site:

With DW Focus you will get:
– Quickstart package: includes the latest version of WordPress and sample data like on the demo site, plus DW Focus theme file (this is there to a point but the demo data does not have any posts in??)
– Video user guide, detail on configuration and installation (this does not come with the download)
– Full layered PSD Source files (this is missing)
– 6 months upgrade and support (this is what I would like as soon as you can)

You have already purchased this item, but you may purchase it again.


Please can I have all of what I expected to receive.

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Hello Andy !
– Quickstart package :
When you install the quickstart package, you will get the site that look like our demo site.
If there is no demo data shown, there must be a wrong step in installing the theme.
Please find my instruction here:
step1. unzip the downloaded package.
step2. find “quickstart” folder and unzip it.
step3. copy all and paste into “www” or “htdocs” fonlder on your localhost.
you can use FTP software to upload it into your hosting.
step4. open web browser and type your domain name.
Or You can watch our video guide here to know how to setup this product:
– File PSD:
Please give me your email and I will send you the psd file of DW Focus
– 6 months upgrade and support  :
Once you purchase my products, we will provide 6 months supports on bugs and theme issues. We do not support custom work however we can assist you in direction and solutions.


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Ok all good, please send the other files to [email protected] (the rest is fine now thanks)

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