nidhi thapar
asked 11 years ago

Since changing my theme to Minion, I’ve noticed that it is difficult to see when body text is bolded. Is there some sort of font styling associated with the theme that I can remove or alter?
Thank you! 

nidhi thapar
replied 11 years ago

It’s also tough to see when something is a link. Thanks!

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

Hi Nidhi,
To change the font styling in the DW Minion. You can open the main.css file in the folder path “wp-content\themes\dw-minion\assets\css” then find the “font-weight” in the file and change attribute as you want to have.
Also, you can change the color & font of the theme in back-end Customize section: 
– To change the color you can log in to Dashboard > Theme > Customize > Style Selector
See the Screenshot:

– To change the font you can log in to Dashboard > Theme > Customize > Font Selector
See the Screenshot:

Hope this helps!

Marianne L
replied 10 years ago

I tried this method but when I opened up the main.css file, it had 21 places where “font-weight” was written. I wasn’t sure what to change. Then, after changing it I’m assuming I have to reinstall the theme? Correct? Forgive me I’m new to this. Thanks for your help

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

You can tell me detail about the position which you want to change (a screenshot & your site) the font size. I will help you resolve it.

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