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Hi, my purchase code is below.  The single answer page (link below) is showing in what appears to be the blog format of the theme I am using (themeforest listingpro), how can I change this to a different page template such as default and also put a header banner image in? In General settings for DW QA I can choose the list page, question page but there is no single answer page I can create and put a shortcode in (this is what I did to fix this issue with the question list page and ask a question page). Also, see link below, formatting issue with the form, how do I get it to format like this form I am using now?

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answered 5 years ago

At the moment, the plugin does not support the shortcode for the single page and the plugin getting the layout of your theme. If you want to custom the single question layout, you can edit the single.php or page.php file. 
Also, if you want o show the image header in the single question, you can use the following code in the style.css file: 

.single-dwqa-question .blog-single-page {
    background-image: url(;
    height: 440px;
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