Michael Jones
asked 10 years ago

I’ve set up the existing Blog and Posts section of the DW Page Modern theme that came with the sample site as a “News/Updates” section that displays on the main page. The lightbox function is perfect for announcements and brief posts.
Now I would like to duplicate these functions/sections to be an actual Blog that pulls from a second and independent Posts source called “Articles.” Is this possible to add to the theme?
Also, how can I set up the blog posts to allow readers to share via social media and post comments in line with the post itself?

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

At the moment, DW Page does not support to duplicate the Blog page. Also, if you want to use social media, you can use the plugin. Please find the plugin here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=social+ Also, DW Page does not yet support to add the comment in the Blog page.

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