George George
asked 10 years ago

 Have writ in a artikel with the wrong account. I can not delete the article because i published it already. I want to know if i can change the author below the article. Is that possible? And how?
Thanks you

2 Answers
Carl Middleton
answered 10 years ago

We needed this functionality, plus the ability to add co-authors, so we are using the Co-Authors Plus plugin, which is supported in the latest release of DW Focus. However, author information is not showing up in our site’s search results at the moment, so using the plugin may not be a perfect solution (if author info is otherwise returned in search). I do not know if these issues are related.
Good luck!

answered 10 years ago

To change the author of a article, you can log in to Dashboard > Posts, select the post you want to edit. In the editor screen, you can see the Post author dropdpown at the bottom of the post editor page as on the following screenshot: Notice: If the Author pane is not displayed, you can open the Screenshot Options at the top-right corner of the editor page, then check the box next to Author option.

George George
replied 10 years ago

Thank you Dominic. I have found it and changed it. Thank you very much!! Awesome!!

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