asked 10 years ago

I like the TImeline theme a lot and I do understand that it is currently a free version. However, I would like to find out if it’s possible to add social links to it. If so, how do I do it? Can you please help out.

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answered 10 years ago

BTW, when will you guys release the responsive version of this theme? Currently it is very hard to view on mobile devices as the screen is zoomed in by default.

answered 10 years ago

Hello Blake !
– To add social links to DW Timeline, You can use the WEN’s Social Links plugin or other WordPress plugin for social :
Install and activate your plugin, we will help you in case you have problem with it.
– The release of responsive version: responsive layout will be included in premium version DW Timeline Pro, in which we will release on 18th Feb.
Stay tuned!

answered 10 years ago

Hi Blake, 
Due to some delay in development, we will release the premium version a bit later than expect. The new release day would be around 28th Feb.

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