rodion cypobuu
asked 10 years ago

hi there
the main menu I’d like to be displayd always on top. It disappears when open a post and appears after refresh the page.
how to fix it?

1 Answers
Kido D
answered 10 years ago

Hi Rodion,  
You can disable the default popup to have the main menu always on the top.
Please open up the main.js file in themes/dw-fixel/assets/js folder, find the following code (around line 342):

 if( ! isIE || ( isIE && parseInt( jQuery.browser.version ) > 8 ) ) {

and change it into this:

 if( false ) {

  Hope that helps!

rodion cypobuu
replied 10 years ago

yep, now is fine!
thanks a lot!

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