Gian Nicola Caggiano
asked 10 years ago
3 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hello Gian !
At the moment DW Timeline does not yet support to modify the affix on the right for dividing posts by months. We will discuss about this issue in the next version.

Michael Hirschberg
replied 9 years ago

Any update on having anchors separated by year and month? (instead of page #)

Dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago

At the moment, Our DW timeline still does not yet support this issue.

Fab Gaba
answered 9 years ago

I support this request. Given its name and the infinite scroll, it makes a lot of sense having the Timeline theme categorize posts by date (months and/or years) rather than by pages.

answered 9 years ago

Hi Fab,
Thanks for the cool stuff and hope that you are well today. We noted your suggestion and will discuss it in the next version of the product.

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