asked 7 years ago

Hello I’ve translated this plugin to persian for my site but when I upload it in the languages folder, nothing happens. what should the name of file be? it’s now
dwqa-fa_IR.po  and
but it’s not working

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answered 6 years ago

Hi vahid
Sorry about the late reply!
At the moment, there is a small bug from DWQA Embed Question plugin, so that it does not work well yet when using the en.po file to translate into the target language. We will update and fix this bug in the next version of the plugin.
Could you please manually translate the text strings of the plugin? Here is our instruction:
Please go to “wp-content\plugins\dwqa-embed-question\“, then find the following files to translate:
– /templates/dwqa-embed-question.php: lines 277 / 283 / 299
– /templates/embed-question-small.php: lines 18 / 29
– /templates/embed-question.php: lines 12 / 26 / 32 / 34 / 43 / 44 / 73 / 57 / 68
– /templates/question-sharer.php: lines 6 / 12 – 17 / 21 / 24 / 26.
Thanks for understanding, my friend 🙂

vahid moh
replied 6 years ago

Hi I prefer to wait for next version. Could you please notify me by an email? email [@]

answered 7 years ago

After translating successfully the plugin, we need to tell WordPress which language you want to use. So you need to make sure that your wp-config.php matches your language files. So, you go to wp-config.php file, and find the following code:

  define ('WPLANG', '');

change it into this:

  define ('WPLANG', 'fa_IR');

Save all changes and enjoy 😉
Hope this helps and let us know your result.

vahid moh
replied 7 years ago

I don’t have define (‘WPLANG’, ”); at all in my wp-config.php file…
It shouldn’t be from the wordpress because as I know when the wordpress is in Persian language, then it automatically chooses the Persian file

answered 6 years ago

can anyone answer me?

answered 6 years ago

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