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I have a theme where there are profiles.

1. I would like to remove all firstname lastname and set in DWQA also username as displayname
2. I would like to link when pressing these usernames to the user profile on my theme
3. I would like to show on the user profile page recent acitivity on DWQA (questions and answers)

would that be possible?

1 Answers
answered 5 years ago

1/ At the moment, the plugin shows the name when you set in the Display name publicly as 
of the user profile.
See the screenshot:
If you want to show the username, you can download and copy the dwqa-templates folder to your site:

2/ We have changed the code to link to profile page in the file. 

3/ If you want to show the user profile page recent activity on DWQA, you should use the BuddyPress plugin. We have integrated our plugin with the BuddyPress plugin. 
Hope this helps!

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