Tom Parrott
asked 10 years ago

Hi DesignWall team
I’m hoping you can help with my query as I am hoping to purchase the DW Simplex template from yourselves.
I’m really like how the demo works for this template but could just do with making one alteration to the Portfolio page. Is it possible to use the Portfolio page as it is, including the filter, but when clicking on an image instead of it opening into a different page I’d like it to just enlarge the image as a gallery and then be able to scroll through the other images within the portfolio, and then close the gallery to return to viewing the Portfolio page as normal. Is this possible within DW Simplex either as it currently stands and just changing some options or by editing/customising slightly?
I do hope I have explained my requirements clearly enough however if not please feel free to ask me to explain further.
Many Thanks

1 Answers
Kido D
answered 10 years ago

Hi Tom,
Currently, DW Simplex does not support gallery style for the Portfolio page, but If you want I can show you how to do that with some custom code on the theme.

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