Cathal McNally
asked 6 years ago

Hi, Firstly I love the plugin, Great job, It looks and works really well, except for one little issue which may be related to my site setup but I am not sure..

I cannot display a listing of Categories or Tags when i click on one of them. To demonstrate this go to [Gaben ]( I have some demo questions. Click on one of the categories associated with a questions ie: [Category GoldSrc]( The page renders but there is no content for the custom post type.

Now i tried what was suggested in the following question:
“[still getting problems studiopress themes](“”
and added the filters to the function.php for my them but alas it has not helped.

I modified the the Permalinks as well with custom names for “question” and “category” but it also had no effect so i returned to the defaults.

Now I imagine what the problem is, is that my theme (heavily modified [Yootheme Sphere]( doesnt have the right setup for this custom post type but it makes me wonder why the filters I added to functions.php had no effect. Debugging shows that its called but nothing is ever returned, the array is empty :/

It is probably something really small and simple.

The same problem persists with Tags. Have you any ideas on how to best fix this issue?

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Cathal McNally
answered 6 years ago

For those with a similar issue, the problem with my theme was that it lacked a page.php in the theme folder. Add one of the default wordpress ones found in the default Theme locations (may need some edits to suit your theme) and you should be good to go. I suspect all Yoothemes have this issue.

Thanks to the DW team for their speedy diagnosis and repair of the issue <3

Cathal McNally
replied 6 years ago

For those interested in the quick fix this is the specifics of page.php

<?php the_title( '’, ” ); ?>

” . __( ‘Pages:’, ‘dw’ ) . ”,
‘after’ => ”,
‘link_before’ => ”,
‘link_after’ => ”,
‘pagelink’ => ” . esc_html__( ‘Page’, ‘dw’ ) . ‘ %’,
‘separator’ => ‘, ‘,
) );

Cathal McNally
replied 6 years ago

Hmm answers dont seem to support code formatting yet so here is a paste:

answered 6 years ago

Please send me username & password of your site(via private answer) we will check and help you resolve it.

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