asked 9 years ago

Two options:

1. I am an idiot and can’t find the language file.
2. You guys forgot to add a language file to DW Argo.

2 Answers
answered 9 years ago

I have tried to add a language file myself but PoEdit keeps giving the below error.

22:03:58: ./dw-argo/functions.php:64: warning: Empty msgid. It is reserved by GNU gettext:
22:03:58: gettext(“”) returns the header entry with
22:03:58: meta information, not the empty string.
22:03:58: C:\Program Files (x86)\Poedit\bin\xgettext.exe: Non-ASCII string at ./dw-argo/edd_templates/widget-cart-item.php:12.
22:03:58: Please specify the source encoding through –from-code.

answered 9 years ago

Our DW Argo  theme does not support the translation file (.po or .pot) yet.
If you want to translate the language on the theme, you can use the plugin (qTranslate)


Hope this helps !


replied 9 years ago

Any idea when the theme will be ready for translating? The GNU gettext framework is pretty much standard in WordPress world.

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