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asked 1 year ago

Hi all,
I am badly looking for 1 feature in the Q&A wordpress plugin which I know would immensely engage the community: LEVELING UP.
I found this feature in the wpmudev forum but I dot think it is present in the DW Q&A plugin.
The idea is that, as people answer questions, they level up to level 1>Level 2>level 3 etc. This gets to people’s heads and obviously incentivizes them to contribute more. Waze does it for instance to get you to contribute. PEOPLE WANT TO LEVEL UP.

My question: Is this feature in the roadmap?
(I am wondering if I should go with the DW Pro version right now)

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answered 1 year ago

Thank for your interesting in our product. At the moment, the plugin does not support to Level ups for contributors in leaderboard in DW Q&A plugin. However, I think it’s great idea, we will check and discuss about it.

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replied 1 year ago

Thank you for your personalized follow-up Dominic. I do think that this feature would bring you many new customers and that you would be a hero at your company for being the one who pushed for such a feature. 🙂 Please keep me posted if your product management team puts this in the roadmap.

replied 1 year ago

Yes, I sent and noticed to our technical team about this feature, my friend :). We will check and discuss about it.

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