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Can you please provide instructions on how to load the Quickstart files on an existing WP installation? I’m using GoDaddy for hosting if that matters.

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I was able to re-create it based off the code on your demo pages. For what its worth, your documentation and instruction on this theme are basically non-existent if the user either has trouble with or doesn’t want to mess with the Quickstart. If you’re going to sell a theme that doesn’t look anything like the demo without some pretty extensive hand coding, you should include some instructions.

answered 10 years ago

Theme file is an option for those who wish to build their websites from the start with their own customization. It is a blank site, no demo content, no image…

– Quickstart file: using this file to install, you will have a theme with all the widgets, settings and sample content

Please follow our instruction below for how to install the Quickstart file.

Step 1: Download the Quickstart package

Step 2 : Then, unpack the downloaded ZIP package
Please watch the video guide on how to setup the theme:

Please find here for the video guide on how to configure the theme:


replied 10 years ago

that youtube vid is not valid. or the channel is bad.

answered 10 years ago

@ Mfloyd !

Right now, our video guide has been updating, we will release as soon as possible.
Please find here for the document guide on how to install & configure the theme:

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