Chris Hill
asked 1 year ago

I am using the WOOF product filter for WooCommerce and I am rather confused with how my pages are loading.
I have a shop that has 5 different ‘categories’…
Scarfs, Hats, T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets
These have sub categories, so for t-shirts i have…
Long sleeve, Regular, V Neck
My shop also has 9 different ‘ranges’…
Pure, retro, classic, modern, range 5, range 6, range 7, 8, 9
When I select ‘T-Shirts’ from my nav menu I have set it up so that I get all the T-Shirts we have on sale, which is great. The page says ‘all t-shirts’
When I set the products up I assigned each one to a range name, a product category and sub-category.
However when I select the sidebar and filter down to a sub category or a range such as ‘Pure’, I lose the line of text at the top of the page that says ‘All t-shirts’ and the page instead says ‘All products’ which is confusing to the end user because they can only view one type of product at that stage.
I am sorry I can’t post a link at the moment but how can i get the page title to reflect the product that I am able to look at on screen?
I have been trying to do this for hours. It is impractical to create a page for each product range and category.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

1 Answers
answered 1 year ago

At the moment, our team does not support the product does not come from our team. However, you can send me your site URL for further checking. If you want to fix it, we can help you fix it with a charge of fee. 

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