Tobias B. Tillmann
asked 9 years ago


i’m using "DW Page" for a client’s website, thank you for your amazing work.

I’ve got a problem with the Plugin "Next Gen Gallery". I want to use it in the "Projects" Section, so I paste the gallery in the TinyMCE Editor. But when I open the overlay in the frontend, I can only see the first picture of the gallery and nothing happens when I click on this picture.

Can you help me?

Tobias Tillmann

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Hi Tobias: at this point when we get the project content in the tinyMCE , and at the tinyMCE editor in the back-end that have nextgen gallery , it’s only one <img> there so in the front end, it’s only take that picture out and of course, when we get the content of TinyMCE in backend , there will be some class there to trigger the js in back-end for nextgen gallery , not front-end, and when get it to front-end , it’s kinda mess up with our code so you can’t click it.We are updating new version of DW Page and that will have option to put carousel there. So stay tune with us, and sorry about that inconvinience. Thanks!

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